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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my dog on days that you are closed?
Our kennel is fully staffed 365 days a year so even on our closed days your dogs routine stays exactly the same. 

What if my dog gets sick while staying with you?

You pay us to take care of your dog.  If something simple happens during your trip such as an upset stomach or an ear infection we will take your dog to the vet, treat your animal on our own and then inform you upon your return.  If something more serious happens we will call you or your emergency contact and discuss the situation and its possible remedies with you.  In all cases we do everything we can to take your dog to your usual vet.  If something happens when your vet is closed we will take them to a 24 hour

vet clinic in Dublin.

Are there any extra charges for medication?
No, there are no extra charges for the administration of medicines. 


Do I need to bring my dogs food?

Yes you are required to provide food for your dog.

Can I bring my pet’s favorite toy?
Yes, any belongings that you feel will make your pets stay more  comfortable are welcome.  We will log them in at the office

and write your last name on them then put them out with your animal.

How large is your facility?
We have 40 dog units. 

We have 9 cat rooms.

​Is there someone there 24-hours a day?
Yes.  The owner lives on site so there is someone here with your animal at ALL TIMES.
Do you ever mix animals?
No.  We do not let animals from different families out together.  The only exception is if two animals that are used to playing

with one another are here during the same time and BOTH owners give us permission to let their dogs/cats out together.

What if it is raining?  Will my dog still receive play time and exercise?
All of our dog runs are covered so even when it is raining outside your dog has access to both their bed and run and will not

get wet.  We do everything possible to playtime your animals no matter what the weather.  If it is pouring rain we will stop playtime and attempt to continue it later that day.  If we are unable to playtime your dog due to weather you will not be charged for that day. 

We will never skip exercise.  We will towel dry your dog after we let them out if they have gotten wet, and the bed areas are heated

so there is no worry about your dog getting cold.

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