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Dog Boarding

Dog and Cat Boarding Danville
Dog and Cat Boarding Danville
Dog and Cat Boarding Danville

Required Vaccinations 

  • Rabies

  • Distemper (DA2PP or Dhpp)

  • Bordetella

  • Canine Influenza 

Man's best friend is just that and they deserve our best.

​Your dog will be provided with a temperature controlled wooden bed area with an attached covered run area during their stay here.  They have access to their private run all day but are enclosed inside the building at night.

While outside, your dog may see and talk to other dogs but they will not be allowed to interact.  While inside the dog will be in a private area with solid walls so that they can get away from the excitement of the other dogs and have some quiet time.  If you are boarding more than one dog you have two choices; they may stay together in the same run or they can be placed in runs next door to each other and have playtime and exercise together.

Owners are required to bring their food. We do not provide food.

Any medication your animal is currently taking should be brought along at the time of boarding and will be administered free of charge according to the owners instructions.

‪·‬ To make your dog feel more comfortable during their stay you may bring in any sort of belongings including bedding, a favorite toy, or bones with them.

‪·‬ Exercise is included twice a day and is 10-15 minutes in a 20’x80’ yard.  This time is meant to get your dog out and walking around to encourage them to go to the bathroom.

‪·‬ Playtime is the interactive option for your dog.  This is 25-30 minutes of one on one time with a handler.  During this time we will play ball, throw Frisbees, and give your dog the extra attention they might be craving.

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