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Cat Boarding

Dog and Cat Boarding Danville
Dog and Cat Boarding Danville

Many a cat tail ends with a happy ending.

​Your cat will be provided with a 8'x12’ room in our main office building.  Cats are boarded individually. We have 9 individually ventilated rooms. Your cat will be provided with a litter box, bedding, food and water bowls.  Each cat is out and has access to a cat tree, toys and bedding.

If the owner has not provided his or her own food, the kennel will serve your cat Felidae all natural products.  Maintenance or Light Felidae products will be fed according to the cat’s individual needs.  Unless otherwise instructed by the owner dry Felidae will be left with the cat at all times while canned food is fed in the morning.

‪·‬ Each room is equipped with a full length window for the cats to gaze out of during their stay. 

‪·‬ Cat toys can be found throughout each room allowing your cat plenty of things to amuse him/herself.

‪·‬ We recommend that cats be brought in carriers that are securely closed.

‪·‬ Any extra belongings you feel your cat may desire during its stay are welcome.

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